Monday, November 5, 2012

{2012} Recapping Marketplace 29 A.D.

Marketplace 29 A.D. was an amazing display of unity in Murray, Kentucky in 2012!

In its second year, 136 kids participated in the event, which was made possible by volunteers from 30 local churches, donations and support from at least 21 businesses, and additional donations from several other individuals.

During the four mornings, the kids went to various shops in the marketplace, learned traditional Jewish dancing and music, had lessons in the synagogue school and listened to storytellers. The shopkeepers included a blacksmith, potter, leather maker, rope maker, fisherman, weaver, brick maker, herbalist, and candy maker who each taught the kids about their trade.

Here are some snapshots of Marketplace 29 A.D. ...

Marketplace 29 A.D. volunteers trust this is only the beginning of a mighty work God is doing in Murray. Stay tuned for more information on what we hope continues as an annual event in our community. 

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